Design Concept

The whimsical interior of Singapore's wedding accessory store Dreamweavers catches your eye with its simplicity and elegance. Stepping into the elongated shop space, the floor plan is an abstract replica of a Gothic church's arch that meets the two suspended curved walls at the opposite end.
    Inspired by the symbolic tradition of having the bride and groom walking under an arch during their wedding march, a set of beautiful white drapes at the rear opens to reveal an innovative floor-to-ceiling storage space.
    Against a white minimal backdrop, colourful merchandise is displayed on epoxy-coated steel 'floating discs', which can be adjusted to any desired height. Ceiling-mounted halogen spotlights and two centrally placed metal halide lamps illuminate the stylish interior.
    The lone column at the store's entrance brings out the best of this minimalist approach. Instead of being concealed, this odd structure became part of the design, showcasing signage that is visible at all hours of the day.